Bright Star

  1. Bright Star Charlie Foster 3:04

Track Info / Lyrics

Track Info:

Genre: Classic / Instrumental
Tempo: 120 bpm
Lenght: 03:04 Min.
Format: *.mp3
Bitrate: (192 kBit/s)


Lyrics: Instrumental Song / Track


One evening I sat in the garden and drank a glass of wine. Then I looked up into the sky. The sky was very clear and I could clearly see all the stars. But one star would be especially bright and then it happened!
I’m not sure if it happened because of the star or wine (lol), but suddenly I had a melody in my head. When I finished drinking the wine, I sat at my piano and composed this melody. That’s why I called it “Bright Star”.
For me it was a wonderful evening, which ended with wonderful inspiration.
I hope you enjoy it too!


Bright Star

Release Date : 17. January 2016
Artist : Charlie Foster
Format : Digital Download