Ananas & Bananas vs. Funky & House

  1. Ananas & Bananas vs. Funky & House JayKey ft. Charlie Foster 4:35

Track Info / Lyrics

Track Info:

Genre: Funky / House / Instrumental
Tempo: 104 bpm
Lenght: 04:35 Min.
Format: *.mp3
Bitrate: (192 kBit/s)
Recorded & Mastered by: AudioNetStudio Switzerland


Lyrics: Instrumental Song / Track


Inspired by mixing of Funky & House Groove…

Funky Music is one of my most popular music style. Since I was a big fan of funky music in the 70’s and 80’s, this style has influenced me a lot. My son, on the other hand, only listens to modern styles like House, Chillhouse, HipHop, EDM, Rap, etc. and this somehow influences me too. So I wanted to compose a track like a mix of funky and house. Since I still have a lot of music ideas at my age I recorded this funky house track. My friend Charlie Foster (world class classical and jazz pianist) had a great idea for harmony and solo – modern Moog sound and clear classical Piano! I think it is a cool, interesting and compact instrumental track, so I decided to publish it. Furthermore, in this song the so-called binaural technique (binaural recording and mixing) was used. Therefore I recommend everyone to listen to this track with a good quality headphones!
The name of this track is a bit irritating – I didn’t know how to name it, but after consultation with my son, we found it very funny and cool.

I hope you’ll like it too!


Ananas & Bananas vs. Funky & House

Release Date : 2. August 2020
Artist : JayKey feat. Charlie Foster
Format : Digital Download