Funky Coffee

  1. Funky Coffee JayKey 3:23

Track Info / Lyrics

Track Info:

Genre:   Funky / Chill / Instrumental
Tempo:   106 bpm
Lenght:   03:23 Min.
Format:   *.mp3
Bitrate:   (192 kBit/s)


Lyrics:   Instrumental Song / Track


Inspired by Chill Time & Coffee on the beach…

Sometimes out of boredom I just compose awesome drums and bass grooves and save them for later.
When I recently chill out at the lake beach in Ascona (Switzerland), and drunk a coffee, I always had in head this trumpet melody…
Then at home I refined one drum & bass groove a little with Latin percussions and the track was born. With a little harmony – cool piano sound and funky brass section, is actually nothing more to insert.
That’s why it’s called “Funky Coffee“!
I hope you’ll like it too!


Funky Coffee

Release Date : 6. July 2018
Artist : JayKey
Format : Digital Download