Cool Funky Groove

  1. Cool Funky Groove JayKey 5:05

Track Info / Lyrics

Track Info:

Genre: Funky / Chill / Instrumental
Tempo: 100 bpm
Lenght: 05:05 Min.
Format: *.mp3
Bitrate: (320 kBit/s)
Recorded, mixed & mastered by: AudioNetStudio Switzerland


Lyrics: Instrumental Song / Track


Inspired by Chill Time in the car & Timeless Funky Music…

I often listen to old funky, jazz and classical music in my car. This gives me inspiration for various audio tracks genre – whether funky, dance, rock, pop, jazz, blues, house, hip-hop, chillout, relax, ambience or meditation music. When I get home in the evening, I go to my music studio and play with various VST-plugins. Sometimes I get inspiration for new audio tracks. I have groove templates for various genres and so I can quickly generate a new audio track. Either by bass line or by piano harmony. If I have a melody in my head, it’s the other way around – first the harmony and then the groove.
I find these drums and rhythm – groove between 96 BPM and 108 BPM great for cool funky audio tracks. And so it was with “Cool Funky Groove” track.
For this audio track “Cool Funky Groove” I first let Groove (Drums & Percussion) run and then recorded the Funky Bass Riff. Harmony and melody came to my mind later that weekend. I find the Groove – Drums & Bass – simply timeless.

I think it can be used for any video as a non-disturbing background track.

I hope you’ll like it too!
– JayKey –


Cool Funky Groove

Release Date : 8. December 2020
Artist : JayKey
Genre : Funky
Format : Digital Download