City Nights

  1. City Nights JayKey 4:03

Track Info / Lyrics

Track Info:

Genre: Funky / Chill / Instrumental
Tempo: 106 bpm
Lenght: 04:03 Min.
Format: *.mp3
Bitrate: (192 kBit/s)


Lyrics: Instrumental Song / Track


Inspired by Nights City walking…

One day, or rather night, I walked down the street in a big city. There were many very talented musicians playing in the street. When I was drinking a cafe on the main square, this melody hit me in the head. Since I didn’t have a audiorecorder with me, I wrote a few notes on the bill. When I came into my hotel room I immediately took my guitar in hand, expanded the melody and wrote on the sheet of music. Finally, when I got home to my music studio, I composed the whole song.
This nocturnal walk in the city is also the reason why I named it “City Nights”.
I hope you like it…
– JayKey –


City Nights

Release Date : 13. May 2017
Artist : JayKey feat. Charlie Foster
Format : Digital Download